Customize Grub Theme

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After the installation of Arch and Gnome on my laptop, I would like to customize the whole apperance a little bit. Changing themes for the system and shell wasn’t a hard job. There are also many plugins for Gnome, which is nice. But later I noticed that I could even customize the Grub menu as well.

The default Grub menu is ugly. If you want to change it to another theme. The first thing you need to do is to search for any Grub themes you like on gnome-look Github, or other places. Download files and move the theme folders under the path /boot/grub/themes.

If you’re using Arch, some themes are available through AUR. For example, you can install these two Grub themes very easily.


There’s nothing out of what we expect. The background image is in the same directory with the name background.png. So we can replace it with what we want and change the parameter here. Furthermore, you can even put a quote for the title-text, to make your Grub menu look even cooler.