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Howdy! Time has gone, so fast. I guess I have to fill this new site with more notes and articles or else I will begin to forget it, again.


It has been more than three years since I left China. So why don’t you take a short trip back to China? I thought to myself earlier this year (or last year maybe?). Although it’s a really bad idea to go back to my hometown in summer because of the extremly high temperature, I decided to go for it because my grandparents and relatives must be missing me all the time. Fortunately I was not busy during the summer (at least at the very beginning it seemed to be so…) I would say that I’d been planning that for a long time, even purchased a flight ticket six months before spring semester ended!


At the end of May, I took a flight back to Hong Kong, then a ferry to my old city. My hometown didn’t change a lot except more and more shopping malls, apartments and tall building were built and being built. This gave me some chills with cyberpunk sense. Well, you can imagine the future, as you can see. You can really tell this city is changing, driven by invisible force. I don’t know if I make a wrong criticism on that but… who knows. What I saw on the streets in the first week made me feel the city I used to live in was not it any more. My assumption was proved to be wrong, hopefully, after I met my family members and my friends. Thanks god they were just like them back in old times. I really appreciated it. Maybe that’s the only way to make myself feel home again.


Before I flied back to America, I joined a travel group and took a trip to several cities around Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. I hardly ever traveled to other places out of my province and I was pretty excited to visit Shanghai. And this became my favorite part of this trip.


Well, the trip turned out to be joyful. I never thought I could enjoy my trip that much since my first impression on touring spots are always crowded as hell. There were places that were literally, full of civilians and visitors like the streets near City God Temple in Shanghai. But it didn’t make me feel too bad about it, even though I would enjoy more in a quiet environment. As China is getting more and more population, especially in those big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou… there’s no way to get rid of those situations. Another thing is, the experience of this trip really changed my opinion about traveling. I always want to go solo because I prefer to have more freedom and flexability on my plan and schedule, not to mention that sometimes you’ll be forced to purchase merchandise in shopping area if you joined some travel groups in low prices. But it was pretty fun and I got to know and make friends with several young students, too. This is something I didn’t expect.

The End

Anyway, I achieved all my goals in this one-month stay in China. The summer break almost ends. I’ve got to prepare myself for the incoming semester. If I have time, I will try to work on something related to my study and my personal interests. I hope everything will be OK.